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Kairos Trips



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     The orality (storytelling) movement is changing the landscape of modern  missions and we believe it will be a key strategy in introducing the remaining unreached people groups in the world to Jesus.

     Story is tied to identity, to relationships, to language, to culture, to home, and to traditions. In keeping with the relational aspect of orality, we have designed these mission trips to be more relationship-focused than project-focused. Your friendship is powerful and it can change people's lives. We want you to come forge friendships, learn about storytelling, have some fun, learn about the Rwandan culture, and experience the beauty along the trails in the Land of a Thousand Hills. 

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  • Engage with communities (play soccer, fetch water, work in the fields, etc)

  • Go mountain biking along part of the Congo Nile Trail

  • Take a safari through Akagera National Park

  • Learn about the culture and history of Rwanda

  • Learn about and participate in African and Bible storytelling

  • Spend focused time in prayer for the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • For a tentative itinerary (subject to change) click here

Every $225 in committed monthly donations will sponsor the full cost of one mission trip (including airfare) for one person. Mission trips that do not have $225 in monthly support commitments cost $3,000 per person.

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