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We are training, mobilizing, equipping, and sending small teams of Rwandan believers to share love of Jesus with the nations. One of the nations we are focusing on reaching with the love of Jesus is the Democratic Republic of Congo. The trade language in Eastern Congo is virtually the same as Kinyarwanda (Rwanda's national language) and the culture is also similar.


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to hundreds of tribal languages (224 languages total). There are 96 languages in the DRC without any portions of the Bible in any form, written or recorded. The people within those language groups are, by and large, oral preference learners. At Kairos Africa, we want to deliver the word of God to those people in their heart languages in the same way they have been learning their entire lives; by sitting at the feet of their grandparents and village elders, listening to the stories of who they are, what their ancestors did, and what life is about. We believe that the love of God and the Word of God are powerful. And that those two elements can bring about transformation in a part of the world that has known much spiritual darkness, instability, violence, and war.

Kairos Africa is working to see the fruit of the Spirit manifested in the lives of Congolese Christians.

We believe that the love of Jesus in the hearts of the people will bring about reconciliation, transformation, stability, unity, and

infrastructure in a very dark and difficult spiritual climate.


In addition, we plan to bring the Word of God to the tribal peoples through the recording of oral Bibles in the tribal languages of the people we are reaching so that the Rwandans can bring that audio with them on their trips and find champions/people of peace to disciple who will commit to reaching their neighbors with the Word of God.

Finally, We want to share the gospel with people who have never heard it before. There are 251,000 people in the DRC who have not yet been reached with the good news of eternal life. The second largest unreached people group in the DRC lives just 45 kilometers from the Rwandan border. They are the Central Swahili people group and we want to mobilize neighbors in Rwanda to bring the love of Jesus to this people group who do not yet know of the gift of abundant, eternal life that Christ offers.


About The Leatherwoods

David and Vicki Leatherwood have a special place in their hearts for the people of Eastern and Central Africa since meeting there in 2009. They now have four children and are committed to following wherever the Lord leads. Currently, they are living and serving in Eastern Africa once again as they desire to raise up Rwandan believers as ministers to their neighbors in the DRC.


About The Brights

Jordon and Leah also developed a love for the people of Rwanda and East Africa, after living in Rwanda 8 years ago.

One thing they walked away with when they returned to the States is the immense transformation that God is doing in the Rwandese people. God put this vision of mobilizing the Christians in Rwanda on their hearts long ago and now they are returning to Rwanda to help make that vision a reality.

About Kairos International

Kairos International is a worldwide ministry that creates oral Bibles, uses oral Bibles to reach the unreached, and trains ministry teams in the development and use of oral Bibles. 

Kairos International is currently working with teams in Ethiopia, Liberia, Iraq, Mongolia, and Central Asia.

Kairos International, Inc is a registered

501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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