Kairos Africa implements a variety of tools and strategies on the field. We want to equip Rwandan believers with training and tools (like orality and church planting training) that will enable them to make, teach, strengthen, encourage, empower, and serve disciples of Jesus in the DRC.


"An oral Bible is the recording of a core set of stories of the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation that gives the chronological panorama of God’s word as it unfolds in the most central, essential, and fundamental stories of the Bible. It is not a summary nor is it a paraphrase. Nor is it a children’s Bible. An oral Bible is the word of God. Great pains are taken to maintain the integrity of the Scriptures. Nothing is added or exposited. It is not embellished or expanded upon in any way. It is a selected portion of stories from God’s word which non literate people can understand better than they can understand the abstract portions of Scripture such as Paul's epistles."

-Rick Leatherwood, "The Case and Call for Oral Bibles", 2006.


 The SEED Company - Oral Bible Storytelling

 This video first appeared on Youtube.

Kairos Africa is a ministry of Kairos International. Kairos International is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Kairos Africa exists to expand the Kingdom of God by training, equipping, and mobilizing Rwandan believers to take the love of God and the Word of God to their neighbors in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kairos International

PO Box 10424
Fort Wayne, IN 46852

WhatsApp: +1 832-521-1093
Rw Cell: +250 78 283 7581

Email: david@kairosafrica.org

(Kigali address:

BP 5114

Kigali, Rwanda

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